the greenness of John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars”

i just finished reading “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. i have not read long form in years but my daughter insisted that if there was any way i could be convinced to read a book that TFIOS be the one. i agreed as 1) we had given her the John Green Limited Edition Boxed Set (autographed) Hardcover – Box set for Christmas, 2) if she was that adamant that i read this book then i would, 3) it was cool that the author’s last name is g, 4) it is also cool that this author is one of the vlogbrothers. I did enjoy the book and now look forward to discussing it more with my daughter.

Here are the greenness details as noted in the Dutton Books 2012 First Edition.

As mentioned before, the first green is the the last name of the author. His name is on the top of every even numbered page and mentioned various times and ways both before and after the narrative of the book.

The word green is used 8 times within the book’s narrative:

  • Page 8: “cylindrical g tank”
  • Page 17: “g knit polo shirt”
  • Page 23: “The light turned g.”
  • Page 96: “(mine are g)”
  • Page 170: “eerie sort of g
  • Page 227: “Monica’s bright g 1990s Pontiac Firebird”
  • Page 229: “windshield and bumper of the g Firebird”
  • Page 271: “a g tie”


The TFIOS movie is comes out 6 June 2014 (USA). Here is a trailer.

Noticed at least one change in the movie from the book. In the book, the car that gets egged is a 1990s Pontiac Firebird maybe something like shown in the left picture below. However, in the trailer, the car is a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible as shown in this cap on the right. We are just happy the car stayed g!

1990s-green-pontiac-firebird egged-mitsubishi-eclipse-convertible-the-fault-in-our-stars-trailer-screencap-01-57

Live your best life nerdfighers … enjoy your moments … and enjoy your greens.