Greenness of TopTJFan’s 2007 “Tom Jones-Green Green Grass of Home” video

TopTJFan’s YouTube channel has a green video of Tom Jones singing Green Green Grass of Home. This video has both visual and audio greenness.

Visual greenness

In the first 7 seconds we have a greenerest moment: g with grasses (0:00), greener with covered mountains with cloud cover (0:02), greenerest with covered mountains with clouds blowing away (0:05).

We are pretty much greenless until we get back to some g ferns and other vegetation in front of a waterfall (0:40). We then go greenish as focus on the subtle g of the waterfall (0:53). Back to full g as we zoom out to include some of the g vegetation (1:01).

Another greenless stretch until we have a greener shot of a huge tree with g hanging moss, g shrubbery, and g grass (1:28). The only thing stopping this from being greenerest is the amount of dark bark. Then we go g with a couple under a large tree with green leaves, a g bush, and presumably the g grass in the dark shade (1:42).

As we go down the river we begin another g, greener, greenerest moment: g mountain side and greenish water (1:52), then goes greener after the ghostly woman with more green mountain sides and greenisher water (1:55), and then greenerest with the green mountains of the Wall of China (2:00).

We have a sandy beach with greenish cliff grass after the wall (2:11) and we then go g with some g cliff grass (2:14) and then shift down to greenish with some faded grass on rock (2:21). Quick cut back to green with g vegetation at the waterfall (2:27) that goes greenish as zoom on waterfall (2:30). Another g return with waving g fern leaves (2:32) that goes greener with lush vegetation (2:36). It looks like we might end the song greenless with a bare oak tree in front of the rising sun but then we go greenish with some g cliff face vegetation for the final seconds (2:56).

As extra bonus greenness, we go greener right after the song is done with a full g shot of our waterfall fern and other vegetation (3:06). We then go full on greenerest in the credits (3:17).  We then go greener with Tom Jones’ name in g letters and the name of the song: GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME (3:39). The final seconds are greenless.

Audio greenness

“Green green” sung at following: 0:47, 1:08, 1:48, 2:38 (overlapped), 2:49, 3:53.

This video gets a greenerest rating due to the multiple g, greener, greenerest progressions plus the music title alone already had us at greener.