Green Miley Cyrus, Harry Belafonte, Creeper, and more

We always love to see what greenerest we can find on a thrift store pick.

The Miley Cyrus lunchbox reminds us of her more innocent appearing days.

The funny thing about the Harry Belafonte 45 record was that we found it only with the sleeve and not the actual 45 – we got it anyway since was cool and very cheap. And it was the only thing we got from that store.

We found Creeper along with the duck, feel good button, and the two pool balls at a really good guy’s stand. It was great when I asked if could buy only two pool balls (the set was already missing one ball). He said OK and I immediately grabbed the 6 and 14. He asked why and I told him because they were g. He laughed and had to tell other stand people about him.

The Velveeta chili pepper dip dish and the pea pod plate both came from our picking while the recycle bin was found by my wife and I picked up the long paint straight edge at Lowe’s.